Simone Rudolph-Shortt
Simone Rudolph-Shortt

Members of the Medical Device Professionals Group held their Inaugural meeting in Johanneburg today. The meeting was attended by leading MedTech Consultants from around the country.

Simone Rudolph-Short was elected as its first Chairperson and will hold this position for a period of two years.

Other members of the MDPG will be introduced in the coming days and include Andre Ten Napel, Mark Brand, Mark Banfield, Rod Duarte, Jeanetha Brink, Felistas Mshinya, Brian Goemans, Charl Nel, Maureen Dennehy and Mark Bodley.

The objective of this group is provide a voice for Medical Device and other MedTech companies in South Africa in relation to quality and regulatory issues affecting them. The group consists of professionals with a diverse skill set and experience, but all of who are deeply passionate about MedTech and need to provide resources and advocacy for this group.

There is estimated to be more than 2500 MedTech companies in South Africa. Most of these are Micro and SMEs which don’t have internal capacity to meet new regulatory requirements. At the same time these MedTech companies are lost amongst the very large MedTech importers and manufacturers who dominate the local market. Together, though, all these companies provide an important access point for critical MedTech products needed to treat and care for the whole of South Africa’s population.